The Bright Glow Founder

I’m Chloe Tully-Wilson: Women’s mental health and wellness campaigner, psychology student, mum of one and your personal champion for top-notch brain health.

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Hello there. Thank you for checking in. I feel honoured that you want to know more about me, what I do and why I do what I do.


I am a mother of one + psychology student + wife + modern day science loving hippie.

I am a creative + former professional musician. These days I’ve resigned to delivering concerts in my daughter’s bedroom. Less rock star but just as satisfying. I can sing, paint + draw. The thing I love most is to write.

I am passionate about women’s health, holistic and positive psychology.

My wish is for all women to be able to live their very best lives complete with top-notch brain health.


To answer that you need a bit of back story…

* * *

Ten years ago you wouldn’t have recognised me. I was living a pretty reckless albeit what I thought at the time was a very “fun” lifestyle. I did all the things that most twenty-somethings do (and more). Eventually though my unsustainable fast-paced lifestyle started to take its toll. I got very sick both physically and mentally.

I lost myself entirely. 

Somewhere along the way though I realised I didn’t want to play small anymore. I didn’t want to keep denying myself the happy life I dreamed of having. After a bit of soul searching and therapy I realised didn’t want to waste this one precious life feeling miserable any longer. 

* * *

Which brings us back…

I’ve always felt compelled to help people. I’ve had my own experiences with depression and anxiety. I know what it’s like to fall hard on rock bottom and have to climb out of a very dark place…

Armed with valuable life experiences and five years of tertiary study in psychology under my belt I’m here to share all the juicy goodness that will enable you to thrive!

I am here to support you on your journey and help you live The Bright Glow life.


Love and light,