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Hit A Brick Wall? 30 Things to do when you’re feeling ‘Blah.’

  1. Go outside. Take your shoes offย and stand on some grass. ย Look at the sky, take in some deep breaths and listen to all the sounds that are around you.ย Don’t come back inside for AT LEAST five minutes.
  2. Do 10 star-jumps. It will release enough endorphins to get you pumped for your next task.
  3. Dream BIG. Write out your goals (there is no dream too big so don’t hold back!) or alternatively write down all the cool things you want to do this week/month/year
  4. Make a vision board using pinterest. Or get your old-school craft on and make it yo’self!
  5. Cuddle. Find your human and give them a squeeze.
  6. Make a fresh pot of tea and stare out the window for ten.
  7. Meditate. Don’t complicate it. There are plenty of guided meditation apps so download one and CHILL OUT.
  8. (If you’re an introvert) Take some time out away from everyone.
  9. (If you’re more the extroverted kind) GET OUT with your friends. Go dancing, get some food… surround yourself with good energies and soak up the good times!
  10. Try some adult colouring in books.
  11. Exercise.
  12. Or alternatively, have a sneaky piece of chocolate because you deserve it.
  13. Clean out those freaking messy / overflowing cupboards.
  14. Tidy your desk.
  15. DANCE. Turn up the Spotify and get jiggy wit’ it.
  16. Play with the kids. My daughter always puts me in a better mood. That smile is heart warming and she sees the world from such an eye opening perspective.
  17. Practice being grateful. Yes, life might be a little bit shit right now but hey, you have roof over your head and access to the internet (since you’re reading this). Get perceptive. Write down 3 things right now that you are grateful for.
  18. Listen to some music.
  19. BAKE. And if you don’t bake…then LEARN to bake.
  20. Get a hair cut. A change is as good as a holiday my friend!
  21. Journal what your feeling.
  22. Read a book. I’m currently reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  23. Listen to a podcast (there are some really inspiring ones out there. I’m currently listening to “I Don’t Know How She Does It” and “Tai Lopez”
  24. Go to the movies or rent one. There is nothing better than aircon, some ‘no chat’ time, a bag of malteesers and a good flick.
  25. Chat to your girlfriends.
  26. Take a course or a class in something you wouldn’t normally do. You’ll learn a new skill and meet some new people.
  27. Avoid negative people. Get out your anti-bad-vibe shield and charge forward!
  28. Be gentle with yourself. You’re having a crap day and that’s okay! Go easy on yourself. You’re not a robot.
  29. Smile in the mirror. Smile at your loved ones. Smile at the clouds. Smile at the dog. Smile!!
  30. Repeat after me: Iย am beautiful. I am loved. I am enough.

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