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You don’t suck at Meditation. Here’s why.

So. You want to learn how to meditate?

Have you attempted mediation in the past and totally failed at keeping your mind still for 3 seconds? Me too. 

In the past a lot of my meditations sessions tended to go like this:

“Okay Chloe lets just take a moment to get comfortable. Breathe deeply. Breathe in….breathe out. Breathe in….breathe oh now this is lovely. I feel all relaxed and calm! I should really try using mindfulness next time I’m feeling stressed. Focus. Breathe out. Breathe in….. oh darn my legs are getting pins and needles and I’ve only been sitting here for 30 seconds. I’ll just move them. Ah that’s better. Breathe out…. Breathe in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a meditation cushion? Perhaps I’ll get online this afternoon and buy one from Oxfa…..oh crap I’m meant to be meditating. Relax your body Chloe. Now focus on your breath. Breathing deeply in…. and out. Breathe in….Breathe out…… gosh I’ve forgotten about Husband’s work dinner! I have nothing to wear! Oh I might wear that new dress I bought, if it’s not in the wash. Is it in the wash? Oh if it’s in the wash could I get away with jeans? Maybe…. oh no I’ve lost my focus again. The meditation thing is HARD. Let go of your thoughts Chloe! How hard can it be? Just breathe deeply. Focus on the rise and fall of your chest. Breathing in……and breathing out. Breathing in….oh my arm is itchy. I really need to moisturise more…. Ahhhh!!!!!”

 Let’s come back to earth for a moment and be realistic about meditation and why we find it SO DIFFICULT.

As women we have a lot on our mind. We juggle a lot of different balls.

It is completely NORMAL for us to be thinking at a million miles a second.

We are programmed to be like that. Unfortunately sometimes this hectic way of thinking can stress us out and affect our mental health.

Meditation is a great tool for slowing down those thoughts and helping us to bring our focus to what’s presently in front of us.

 It helps us to Live In The Moment.

So how we can slow down these lightning speed thoughts and bring our mind back to focus?

 Here are five simple hints (plus two meditation apps I love) to help you become a Meditation Master

1. Find a quiet place without distraction.

The less distractions there are, the better. Get up ten minutes earlier (ideally before the house becomes as tranquil as a zoo full of playful hippopotamus.) If you don’t do early take some time during the day to zone out. Sit in the park during your work lunch break or get your partner to watch the kids for five minutes in the evenings while you meditate in another room.

 2. Forgo your bra.

You should be comfortable! No one needs to go to boob jail during meditations. Personally, I get rather distracted by constrictive clothing. While I love my pretty lorna jane crops and gorgeous Little Sista Tights during my yoga practices I find an old baggy tee and undies are the most comfortable meditation outfit that works best for me. But each to their own. If you wear stilettos the way I wear trackies then go for it!

 3. Go easy on yo self.

Don’t force yourself to sit uncomfortably for 40 minutes just because the other meditation masters can. Start off with five minutes and build from there. And if you find your thoughts are all over the place, just gently bring your focus back to your breath and start again.

 3. Positive Intentions are your reason to meditate not the reverse

You don’t meditate because you suck at it.

You meditate because you LOVE how it makes you feel

Start your mediation session off with one positive intention. Let that intention be the aim of your session. Here are some ideas for positive intentions to get you started:

I meditate because I love the way I feel calm and energized afterwards.

I meditate because I love my smiling, blissed-out mind.

I meditate because I love to bring tranquility to my life

4. Guided Mediation Apps I LOVE that will get you started:

Smiling Mind

Head Space 

I use both of these apps in my daily meditation practices. I’d be lost without them!

Well there you go my lovely! I hope this has given you a little more insight into how to meditate with more ease (and not get frustrated when your mind wanders away).

If you have any other suggestions on what helps you with your meditation practices I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Sending all my love,

Chloe (aka The Bright Glow)

The Bright Glow


6 thoughts on “You don’t suck at Meditation. Here’s why.”

  1. What a great suggestion for girls.
    Most are not technical, so people can follow with less stress.
    (You might be interested in this post too. Feel free to check it out.

    Well, for woman, when she meditates, observe her belly also since it is related to breathing. When she inhale, belly contracts. When she exhales, belly extends. To be spiritual, female meditators have advantage on their belly since it it the source of life.

    I love this post anyway. Keep posting.
    Jade the Mystic


    1. Hey there Jade, thank you for pointing me in the direction of your post. Loved your concept of meditation! The belly is usually my focus when meditating too. I tend to focus on the rise and fall of my belly.
      Thank you for sharing your feedback.
      xxx Chloe (aka The Bright Glow)

      Liked by 1 person

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